‘I Found A Home’



Producer/Director - Cassandra Rudolph

Director of Photography - Alex Tong

Set Assistant/Grip - Chalene Aron

Set Assistant/BTS - Mitchell Roberts

Hair & Make Up - Kestra Illiatovitch

Cast - Brooklyn Doran, Amanda Cordner, Laurel Brady


Brooklyn and I have collaborated often, I’ve shot her press photos and re-designed her website. So when she approached me to take on her next music video I was incredibly excited because it meant we could build on the world we created for her in the photos we’ve done.


The vision of the I Found A Home Video was about exploring how relationships change over time, in an extreme sense since our characters were set to be these three ancient goddesses. How would they interact with each other after a couple millennia forced together? What if they were forced to stay in this one house as well? How would that change the way they treat each other and their environment?

You can read more about the production process in a blog post I wrote after the video’s release.