10 Min Sessions: Perspective

Back with another 10 Min Session! This one is another one with a complete stranger who I had met through a friend, Katelyn E. We met just outside a shopping mall in downtown Toronto before she had to catch a bus. I've rarely shot in public like this so it was an interesting experience trying to coach someone on posing while people could look on and walk through the frame.

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[Working Title] Collective: Floral Inspired Collab Shoot

[Working Title] is a collective of female and non-binary identified photographers and filmmakers in Toronto. It’s a supportive space where people of different skill levels can ask questions, share their work, and inspire each other. We meet once a month to talk about work and life and on top of that we’re aiming to do a bunch of collaborations throughout the year.

If this sounds like a place for you and you’re in the GTA/Toronto area please join!

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10 Min Sessions: The Faceless Woman

The response from the last post about 10 Min Sessions was incredible! I'm so thankful to everyone who reached out with interest in participating and working hard to schedule as many people as I can accommodate during the time I have over the next couple weeks.

Because of that response I'm starting to post about the series a lot sooner than I thought I would be (like today!!).

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