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10 Min Sessions: Perspective

Back with another 10 Min Session! This one is another one with a complete stranger who I had met through a friend, Katelyn E. We met just outside a shopping mall in downtown Toronto before she had to catch a bus. I've rarely shot in public like this so it was an interesting experience trying to coach someone on posing while people could look on and walk through the frame.

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10 Min Sessions: The Faceless Woman

The response from the last post about 10 Min Sessions was incredible! I'm so thankful to everyone who reached out with interest in participating and working hard to schedule as many people as I can accommodate during the time I have over the next couple weeks.

Because of that response I'm starting to post about the series a lot sooner than I thought I would be (like today!!).

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10 Min Sessions: OCSA Portraits 2018

Last year I covered the OCSA and PSNO conference and shot the entire staff and board in 10 minute sessions to get them outfitted with new headshots. This year a few of them wanted updated ones (new year new me and all that!).

Shot four 10 Minute Sessions with some of their wonderful staff and board members so I'm putting them all in one post to keep it simple!

Click through to see the rest and the gear I used....

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Amanda Cordner of Madonnera

I've worked with Amanda on another film project earlier this year but I knew after meeting her that I wanted to shoot more photos of her. She has this light and energy about her that's really infectious and you leave conversations with her feeling better than you did when you started.

She needed new profile photos for her theater company, Madonnera, so we kept it really really simple and let her personality shine through!

For equipment and to see the rest from this session click click click!

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10 Min Sessions: Alex Cooney

Back with another attempt at colour gel overlays! This time I think I nailed the colour combo and how best to lay them out over top of my lens. An important lesson I learned was that it's important to make sure the subject isn't wearing any colours that clash with the gel choice and that simple styling is better for this effect.

Thank you visual artist Alex Cooney for sitting with me for 10 mins! See more of the pics...

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10 Min Session: Laurel Brady

Another quick 10 minute session. These were taken back in July on set of the Brooklyn Doran video shoot. Laurel is playing one of our leads and we had a chance to step away from the music video plot, throw on some ridiculous layered clothing and do some fun shots in the sunroom of the estate we were filming on.

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