February Likes+Loves

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You know the drill: monthly feature of all the things I liked and loved.

Film - Get Out

It's really hard to create a movie that plays on the assumed social awareness (and in some cases prejudice) of its audience but the payoff here is delicious!

TV - Santa Clarita Diet

So damn gross and so damn funny. Perfect to binge on a weekend since the eps are only 20 mins.

Music - Red Velvet Rookie

Not so secret fact about me - I love KPOP. Red Velvet always put out quirky weird videos with infectious title songs. Rookie is still stuck in my head a month later.

The whole mini-album is addictive. It's on Spotify/Apple Music.

Book - Handmaiden’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

Ok I'm not actually finished this book yet (about 50 pages to go) but it's been my favourite thing I read this month. Topical considering the current political client and it's going to be a series soon.

/the next one will be better...maybe...I'm known to have really questionable taste