City Hall Live & Why Diversity In Music Booking Is Important AF | Photo


The City of Toronto booked me this summer to photograph and film their 12 week City Hall Live series. It was 12 weeks of music at Nathan Phillips Square featuring an incredibly variety of musicians. The experience came at a good time too for me since I had been taking a bit of a break from video work this year and needed something on the simpler side as far as execution goes to get back in the swing of things.

Every Wednesday I’d head out to City Hall for an hour and photograph the performances (which was also great from a “you work from home all week gtf out of the house once in a while” perspective). The performances ranges from full bands to acoustic sets and spanned different genres. It was interesting seeing the changes in both audience and the space week after week.

Here are a few of my takeaways from the project:

  • The surprise on someone’s face when they hear music from their culture in an unexpected space is incredible to witness. The joy they get and the ability to feel seen is really important and something that should be considered whenever booking public events/music.

  • Music impacts environment. There is was a very visible change week to week (most of whom would be in the square every week as it was their lunch hour) depending on the artists energy and music. My favourite weeks were the ones that artists manage to get people up and dancing.

  • Food and music are a great mix. Always.

  • Technically speaking, shooting the same space week and week taught me a lot about consistency in editing and was a great “find new angles of the same thing” practice. It did get a bit repetitive during some weeks but sometimes that can’t be helped.

Take a look at some of my favourite photos from the series…