Hello hi this will be a long post so let me get this out of the way first: this pic is a bts shot from a collaborative shoot I did last weekend with Yuli (@yulischeidt) and Spring (@springmorris). It features Jenn (@jennkitagawa) and Janu (@byjanuys). All of them are wonderful and incredibly talented and I can’t wait to see and share pics from this wonderful experience.


I’ve been thinking a lot about perception and success and how it relates to what I do. I’ve been very frustrated with my own creative output for a while now. Never completely satisfied but moving on the next project instead of taking time to decompress and right the ship, so to speak. After lots of introspection I think it’s a byproduct of basically denying my own strengths or not having the capital to use them the way I should. It was actually working on pulling this shoot together that really made me realise how I’ve been trying for a while to emulate what I think others are doing successfully (in my own way) that I’ve managed to just not do the things I do well in my own right.


So now to pivot. The rest of the year is going to be one step forward. Going to make some great things.