Brand Burnout and Why I'm Ditching Tagging


This year I'm trying to be present more when I consume social media. No more scrolling through feeds and just tapping, I'm going to be commenting and sharing more in an attempt to actually get a return the social part of social media. However there's one thing I've noticed that's becoming really normalized...non-disclosed #sponcon and an overabundance of brand pimping.

Not telling people that you're being sponsored or downplaying being given something for free as not a type of payment. Even worse than that is I found friends around me saying that they tag brands now even if they aren't sponsored just to make people think they are or to try and get more attention.

WHAT? WHY? Anyone else notice this?

Sad thing is...I use to do that as well, would tag a restaurant or make it seem like maybe something was given to me for gear as opposed to me having gone in and spent my money on it. I can't even explain to you why...not many can. because it's absolutely ridiculous.

While, I appreciate the gear or the products that I love and work for me I'm not being paid to promote or market them. I'm not a walking infomercial ready to throw out brand names for no compensation, especially using my technical skills.

Another thing I've noticed a lot in my own behaviour is that the longer I'm on social media and seeing these kinds of posts the more I itch to buy things. It's an odd cycle: Influencers try and promote idealized lives -> Influencers get sent free things to talk about -> prompting viewers to spend money on them in an attempt to keep up with the lives of the influencers that aren't even real to begin with.

So for transparency for 2018: any companies or brands you see tagged here or on my social media accounts elsewhere have a working paid relationship with me. They've either sent me something for free or given me an opportunity/experience and I've agreed, in exchange, to create work for them. Or they're a paid client of mine who have hired me outright.

#spon will always apply but now you won't have a grey area of whether I'm getting paid for something or who had a hand in creating/funding a project.

If you'd like to know the brand name of something I use or something I've posted about feel free to DM me privately, I don't mind sharing what works but privately where no one feels any kind of itch to buy it or whether something dishonest is taking place.