Summer Likes+Loves

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Here's what I've been enjoying this summer!

TV - Save Me

This show is seriously so good. It's about a woman whose family gets coerced into joining a cult and four friends who try and save her. The slow burn and the tension is really well done and I look forward to it every week.

Music - Exo's The War: Kokobop/Power

Love me a good pop album. Exo did not disappoint this summer with The War.

Artist - Sha'an d'Anthes aka Furry Little Peach

I found myself watching and re-watching a lot of Sha'an's videos this summer. She has such a strong identity as a visual artist and her storytelling is really relaxed and warm.

Music - Pvris

Does your emo phase ever really die? I'll leave it at that. Another really solid album that I was anticipating and they delivered.