June Likes+Loves


Here's what I've been enjoying this month!

TV - Master of None

Season 2 of Master of None managed to not only be better than season 1 but also be a really inspiring piece of direction. From the all black and white premiere to the episode that features a sequence in complete with deaf actors. I think it's one of the first times I've re-watched particular episodes multiple times.

Podcast - Creative Pep Talk

June was a month where I was dealing with a bit of a creative rut. Getting started again was difficult at first so I went searching for something to help. This podcast was that thing. I throw one on while doing admin work or cooking and can't help but yell "AT ME NEXT TIME" about three or four times and episode because it all seems to be relating to what I'm going through. Knowing you're not alone in those feelings has helped me get motivated again.

Artist - Frannerd

Wasn't kidding about the fear or starting/creative rut stuff. Frannerd was a discovery this month, not because of this video specifically, but because of her art. Going outside your medium is really helpful for getting inspiration.

Music - NCT127 Cherry Bomb

It's a heck lot of noise but that's why like it. The Music Video is outstanding and really well edited. The EP that this song is on is wonderful from start to finish. Lots of fun melodic pop songs perfect for dancing to while cleaning or procrastinating.