Asha Pieper: Riptide Live At Small Worlds

While I was putting together the blog post for Social Video and the Modern Musician I realized I had never shared some of the work I've done in the past that I'm proud of so this is another throwback post.

Asha is an incredible musician so getting the chance to work with her back in 2015 I jumped at the opportunity. We shot her rehearsing with her full band and a few live videos for. It's really interesting looking back at work you've done a few years ago and seeing the improvements in skills and things you'd now do differently.

Here's what Asha had to say about working together on this project:

Cass has a way of capturing the sense of things, rather than the thing itself. Her natural, non-obtrusive approach best encapsulates the essence of her subject, whether live or in studio.
She is able to envision the very sense of sound, fashion, and presentation of a project, Her Visual approach is both observing and tied to the artistic narrative. There is no greater sympathetic eye that I have encountered. In melding the world of the conceptual and the world of actuality, her delicate sensibilities are mutually fitting, fluid and moving.
She  very much represents the world of “seeing” with the world of “sound”.
Indelibly, the voice beyond the sound we all need.

She's the sweetest and I can't wait to hear all the new stuff she's working on!