May Likes+Loves

May is done and dusted. It was a weird month for me. I spent most of it taking care of my mom after she fell ill and needed surgery. Wasn't creating much so I took the opportunity to do some creative soul searching recharge the inspiration tank.

Here's what I loved in May:

Netflix - Cooked

Cooked is a doc series all about the industrialization of food and each episode focuses on one of the four elements: fire, water, earth, and air. The episodes are really interesting and well done and they have an entire episode dedicated to bread.

TV - American Gods

Bryan Fuller does it again. This show is the perfect check out and enjoy. Violence, sex, and mythology. The perfect combination. Worth waiting for every week.

TV - The Handmaid's Tale

There's lots of TV/Streaming stuff this month but I literally had the chance to clear out most of my lists/queues with the downtime I had in May. The Handmaid's Tale is intense. Seriously intense. I've had to warn friends that while it's an impeccable series it's not the kind of thing to watch if you're not in the right frame of mind. Very close to home theme/political climate wise and very graphic on an emotional level. Worth watching but definitely not for binge watching.