April Likes+Loves

Another month, another series of random things I like.

TV/Netflix - Tales By Light Series

"Uniting exploration, photography and the natural world, Tales by Light offers a rare glimpse into the eyes and minds of some of Australia and the world's best photographic storytellers - Art Wolfe, Darren Jew, Krystle Wright, Richard I'Anson and Peter Eastway."

There are now two seasons of this show up on Netflix (which I'm realizing I watch a hell of a lot of but I don't have cable so I guess it's fine) and both are really beautifully shot. My only complaints are that they didn't feature enough female photographers and that it was all Canon shoots (but it's a Canon series so I guess that was always to be expected).

Art - Minnie Smalls

Minnie is a visual artist from London and she's brilliant. I randomly stumbled on her 30 Ways To Fill A Sketchbook series and watched every single video. I'm not a painter or very good at drawing but she inspired me to go out and buy a sketchbook and try some different mediums just for myself. Her voice is also really soothing so that's a plus.

Music - SM Station Season 2

Technically this start in the last week of March but since it didn't fully get underway until April I'm putting it here. SM Station is a project created by one of my favourite agencies/labels, SM, that allows their artists to experiment and collaborate with international acts. Usually the songs are all really great and I've already loved 3 of the 5 releases so far. Each season lasts a full year with 52 released. Excited to see what else they have in store.