Brooklyn Doran: A Fresh Look

Brooklyn Doran came to me as she was preparing to release her new EP, These Paper Wings. Feeling like her previous photography and artwork was making her look like "everyone's little sister," Brooklyn wanted to show a more mature look and attitude for her new visual identity. Pulling from the Greek mythology that shows up in her new music, we focused on the idea of Sirens and shot two looks that played with the "looks innocent but is really sinister" concept.

Over on my instagram account I'm doing a monthly long retrospective on some of the work I've done over the past few years. It's in the lead up to my freelance-iversary and also because the account will be changing to a new creative idea I have so I wanted to re-share some of my favourite work. Because of their new multiple uploads feature I decided to lay out the photos in a new way! I really love how they turned out.

Here's the whole store in one continuous photo:


The Team Behind The Shoot:

Concept: Cass Rudolph & Brooklyn Doran
Creative Direction & Photography: Cass Rudolph
Hair & Make Up: Vera Kostuik
Styling: MKH Styling
Set Assistant: Amanda Lewis