Behind The Photo: That Time I Broke All My Gear


STORY TIME!  I broke almost all the gear I packed during this shoot with USS. Seriously, almost every piece (click bait title I know I know).

We were shooting promo shots for the #Sixinthe6ix concert series that was happening that fall and needed to hit all 6 venues as well as some key Toronto landmarks. We get to the first location and set up to take the first click...the shutter isn't working on my D750. Tried everything to fix it but nothing helped. One piece of gear down. 🎬

Here’s a rundown of the rest of the day: 1st Location - Camera body breaks.

  • 1st Location Pt II - Reflector band cracks.
  • 3rd Location - Monopod beaks. Won’t adjust.
  • 3rd Location Pt II - Lost the eye piece for my view.
  • 4th Location - My own eyes. At this point the sun was so bright I couldn’t even see what I was shooting.
  • 5th Location - Walked into the fountains and Yonge Dundas square. Almost ruined by back up body.
  • 6th Location - Mount for my external microphone breaks as we were about to shoot an acoustic performance video.

The only gear that made it through the day without being broken was were my lenses. I learned and re-learned some important lessons that day.

1. Always have a back up plan…and a back up plan for your back up plan.
2. Only tell the client what’s gone wrong if you absolutely need to.
3. Spontaneity is good for creativity but not for stress management.
4. Sprayable sunscreen burns like acid if you get it in your eyes. Buy the lotion kind.

Photos from this shoot were shot on my $1000 crop frame back up camera and it’s now being used as the band’s main website image and to promote their merch. The video was just premiered by Warner Music in Germany.

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