Women's History Month: Creatives Who Inspire


March is Women's History Month. There are so many incredibly brilliant women in my life who have helped me develop as an artist and a creator. So today, the second last day of WHM, I wanted to share some of them.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. I could put 1000 women on here and honestly I wanted to but I think there's a word limit on this thing. So these are a small few, in no particular order, of the makers I admire:

Es Devlin

If you've been to any big concert in the past few years you've probably seen Es' work. Beyonce, Kanye and Jay-Z, Adele, U2, Take That...she's worked with some amazing musicians developing stage concepts. Her theater work is also really intricate and captivating. She's also featured in an episode of Netflix's Abstract talking about her process and it was such an inspiration to watch.

Her portfolio - esdevlin.com

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Francesca Ludikar

I've had the pleasure of working alongside Francesca a few times (she shot photos of the USS SixinThe6ix shows that I was filming). Francesca just knows how to create moments that are just so very...uniquely her. It's hard to explain but if you follow her work you know it's hers before you ever check to see the source. Punches of colour laced with grime and grunge. It's amazing.

Her portfolio - francescaludikar.ca


Hannah Jor

We both shoot on Nikon D750's so I feel obligated to make sure Hannah's mentioned in this post. She's an incredible concert photographer from Toronto but I really just can't get enough of her landscape and travel photos.

Her portfolio - hannahjorphotos.com

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Ava Duverney

The director of one of the most important documentaries of our time, The 13th and the director of the upcoming A Wrinkle In Time. Ava is so open an honest on social media about her path to becoming a director. She's also an incredible advocate for female filmmakers and POC filmmakers.



Brittany Farhat

We met through mutual friends and have had the chance to work together a couple of times. She's so incredibly talented and hard working and her DIY aesthetic is to die for. I'm so envious of her ability to craft and make things the way she does. She's now working with a huge label on projects for artists like Katy Perry and Drake and she deserves all that success and more. Britt also just released a music video she directed for Hollarado's latest single, Born Yesterday.

Her DIY shop Instagram - instagram.com/brittpaperscissors/ Her other Instagram - instagram.com/brittfarhat


Effie Brown

When you go head to head with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck over the importance of inclusive hiring on national television you're considered Hero Status automatically. Effie walks the walk when it comes to ensuring her projects are inclusive and representative of real life.

Her work on Project Greenlight fighting against people who just couldn't see the issues she was bringing up was commendable. If you've ever worked in a male dominated environment you can relate to every single second she's on screen.

Her Production Company - dulynotedinc.com


Paige Sara

I've been following Paige Sara's work on instagram for a couple years now (I think I found her through a buzzfeed list of photographers to follow) and this woman is mega talented. Her stage portraits are breathtaking and her use of colour is other worldly.

Her portfolio - paigesaraphoto.com

Experimenting effects with the absolutely lovey and talented Addie Hamilton ✨

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