March Likes+Loves


It's April already. April...a quarter of the year is gone. Although time is an illusion and were all gonna die someday. Anyway, here's what I couldn't get enough of this month:

TV -  Netflix's Abstract: The Art of Design

"Meet eight of the most creative thinkers and imaginative minds working in the world of art and design today in the new Netflix original documentary series, Abstract: The Art of Design. Journey through their creative process, explore their work, and discover how their innovative designs have profoundly affected our every day lives."

Since watching this series mid-month I think I've replayed my three favourite episodes twice since. There's something really wonderful and transfixing about hearing people talk about creativity and their inspiration, especially women like Es Devlin, Ilse Crawford, and Paula Scher. Each episode was shot almost as if it was a different genre of film which was a really great bonus. I hope there's a season 2.

Book - The Dinner by Herman Koch


I'm still in the process of reading this (will I ever finish a book before these write ups?) but I love it so far. It's definitely a slow burn.

Music - Charli XCX's Number 1 Angel

This whole Mixtape is high octane insanity. Blame It On U and Lipgloss are other tracks I love.

Film - Smoke That Travels

What happens when a story is forgotten? What a long journey it's been. This film was originally intended to be a small time capsule of my thoughts, feelings, and fears of stories being lost in time.