5 Sites To Help You Improve Your Own Photography and Video


Education is important for self-improvement but not everyone has the design (or means) to go back to a university or college program to learn new skills. Thankfully there's the internet!

These are 5 sites I use constantly to pick up new tips and information both for technical development and for business growth. They range from free to $129USD...but most have free options.

1. Skillshare

If it has to do with creativity...skillshare has a class on it. They offer both free and paid classes and host a wide range of teachers. The aspect I love about Skillshare is that their premium membership is subscription based ($10-$18/month) so instead of paying for access to one class you pay to have access to all of them. They also have a scholarship program if you're in need of assistance.

Cost - Free/$10-$18 For Premium

2. Youtube

Youtube has thousands of hours of free tutorials and infomation for every level of photography and videography. Some of my favourite channels to follow right now are Mr. Kate, Anita Sadowska, Von Wong and Peter McKinnon.

3. StudioDIY's Can't Crop This Class

If you love bright and colourful photos you'll love learning from StudioDIY. Just look at their instagram account and you can tell they know what they're talking about. I've been following StudioDIY for years now and seeing how bright and cheerful their content is really is inspiring.

Cost - $85USD.

4. Creative Live

CreativeLive is probably geared more towards more experienced creatives but they do have a few beginner courses. I use this site most out of the entire list, mostly because of the quality of the classes available and the instructors. Cost ranges from $49USD to $200USD BUT the best thing about CreativeLive is that they offer free live streams of certain courses - I think in total I've taken about $700 in courses from CreativeLive completely for free due to their On Air broadcasts. I've also paid for a few since they weren't on the On Air Schedule and offered a bunch of extra downloadable content.

The schedule is here!  I've already signed up for two more next month

Cost - Free to $200USD

5. Facebook

Seriously Facebook. There are a ton of local and international Facebook groups that offer amazing advice and have some incredibly talented creatives as members and Admins. Also, a lot of the instructors for Skillshare and Creative Live courses have their own facebook groups to help people who have streamed or taken their classes.