I swear there’s going to be a really great bio about my life here…just gotta write it and…live life some more…maybe. writing is hard ok!? besides you’re here for my photo and video work. Here are the main points: I’ve been working with cameras for almost a decade. I’ve worked at record labels and entertainment management companies, for tech start ups running social media, as well as a brief stint in PR but I always come back to work with my camera. So I figured I’d make that my business and I’ve been doing it full-time for 5 years now.

Because of that mixed bag of skills I can approach photography and filmmaking with both an eye on the creative side but also keep track of the bigger picture of how the creative I’m hired for will work with other aspects of a project. You might hire me to shoot press shots for your next EP release or brand launch but you’ll end up getting someone who makes sure everything is shot with the graphic designer or advertising buy in mind. Creative project architecture is my exact breed of nerd.

When I’m not working with clients I’m running a collective for female and non-binary identified photographers called [Working Title]!


Want To Work Together?

Available for Photo & Video Commissions Through 2019.

Accepting bookings world wide!

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Some of My Clients

Musicians + Artists: Brooklyn Doran, USS, Incura, Merival, Asha Piper, Gillian Nicola, PARASONA, Natty Valencia, Goodnight Sunrise, These Kids Wear Crowns, Trophy Kid Diz, Lori Yates.

Brands: StubHub, Ruth Rumack Learning Space, Ole Label Group, Coalition Music, Hamilton Children’s' Choir, The Math Guru, Canada's Music Incubator.



 CIMA Marketing Award 2016 for USS' Advanced Basics (as part of Coalition Music)








Audio/Visible Issue #1
Street Voices
Music Times
Inside Toronto
Music Canada
The Babetown Collective


Exclaim, Brooklyn Doran's I Found A Home, 2017


WORKSHOP: Digital Content Creation For Musicians (Held 2014 - 2016)